Le Loch Ness attaqué par les éoliennes!

Wind farms imperil wildlife and destroy natural habitats which have hitherto escaped the destructive powers of earth-moving equipment, concreting operations and other highly invasive human activities.
The negative effects of industrial wind turbines on people, landscapes, tourism, property values, wildlife, and the economy are widely understood and accepted. They are significantly altering Europe’s natural and cultural heritage by their harmful effect on landscapes .
In France Mont Saint Michel have been saved from wind turbine’s desaster by UNESCO after years of battle
Now Vezelay, Saint Savin, La Saline Royale, and all the most beautifull landscapes of France are under attack by the same promoters.
It is th same all over Europe !
Please stop ruining beautiful lands .
Please save Loch Ness

Comment of JL Butré EPAW President